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Current Relegation Battle In La Liga

Current Relegation Battle in La Liga

From the top four to the bottom four, this current La Liga season has been nothing short of  interesting.

We have seen teams who have struggled at the start of the campaign pick up form mid-season to go on a prolonged run of positive form. One of them being Barcelona, who currently lie in third place.

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However, this article is not about the top-performing La Liga teams currently, but the teams at the
threat of facing relegation.

It's surprising seeing teams who finished very clear from the relegation zone last season, currently struggling to find their way out of that zone.

Let's take a look at the La Liga teams currently clawing their way out of the red zone.


Levante have been in very poor form this season. In over 29 games played so far this season, they
have only won two, with about 85% of the other games ending in a loss. It's no surprise seeing them at the bottom of the La Liga table given how poorly they have been this season.

However, all hope is not lost. Levante have been in a similar situation in past seasons where they were battling in the red zone at the close of a season only to miraculously end the season steering clear. With such experience and the fact that they are just about nine points away from the team occupying the 16th spot, there is some faint chance they could turn things around positively.


This is not the first time Alaves would be having their heart in their mouth as the season draws the curtain. Their last two seasons saw them finish 16th, which was a close shave from the relegation zone. Currently,they are hashing it out in the 19th spot of the table and it looks bleak for them.

Despite trying to claw their way out of the relegation zone, they have not been able to win in their
last five outings. This is obviously not promising for a team in such danger to not play in the top-
flight league next season.


Mallorca’s current position, 18 th place, is not shocking at all, especially given their inexperience.
They only just stepped up to the La Liga this season and it is obvious the heat is too much for them to bear.

However, at some point in February, 2022, the team started showing promise by winning games.
Unfortunately, they fell to a consistent losing streak that has not been broken in six games now. It is even more disappointing that the team moved from being a highly goal-scoring team to barely
scoring a goal in games.

Though speculative, the absence of key players like their top midfielder Inigo Ruiz, who has been
injured since February, has dealt them a huge blow. Prior to the injury, Ruiz had been influential for most assists for Mallorca. It is obviously a big shoe that's been left to fill. Not to mention how their goalkeeper Dominik Greif has been missing from the team as a result of injury since February which could also be the reason why they've been heavily conceding.


Cadiz have slowly clawed their way out of the relegation zone after sealing two wins and two draws in their last five games. It was a surprising turn of events, given that they are relatively
inexperienced in La Liga as well.

Recently, Cadiz have shown great promise and have proven they mean business. Their last 1-0 win against Villarreal, was proof enough. Not to mention how it was by a very narrow escape that
Atletico Madrid could end up taking points against them. This is one team currently close to the red zone that sparks some optimism given their decent showing in recent games.


With Granada sitting 16 th in the La Liga table currently, it may seem as though they are in the clear, however, looking closely, they are just in as much danger.

The Nazaries are only one point ahead of Cadiz and two points ahead of Mallorca, who are currently in the red zone themselves. With Cadiz currently picking form, Alaves are not in the least bit safe and could be easily displaced if they let it slip any further. Are they going to pick up form and strife to steer clear from the relegation zone? Only time will tell.

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