Friday, January 18, 2019

Top 5 most important horse race tracks in the world

There are about more than a hundred racetracks in the world of horse racing which every racer, bet players and fans look into every day all over the world. Which makes new players come to think, which are the ones that are most important to watch? 

Date and time for horse racing have already been placed in the calendar where you surprisingly see about multiple numbers of races every single day. Races that fanatics go to and bet on with all the money in their purses for centuries which makes this sport get more interesting than ever. 

Although gambling as bad as it sounds for some people is unhealthy as these millionaires just spend all their dollars placing it on top of the heads of horse racers, there has been by far became a habit of some people across the globe as their way of meeting new people, exchanging of opinions and seeing potential in thoroughbred horses. These horses have given entertainment and excitement to everyone with their intense neck-to-neck sprinting in one of those racetracks bringing in big races all over the world. But now, let's trim down to at least 5 horse race tracks that have been given such an honourable label as the most important tracks of very important and huge races in the world. 

1. Churchill Downs - 

Churchill Downs in Louisville is the home of the triple crown entry Kentucky derby Named as the 'Fastest Two minutes in Sports' or the 'run for the roses'. It is a 1 and quarter-mile dirt race for 3-year-old thoroughbred horses inaugurated in 1875 with $2 million prizes at stake on the purse. It is now on its 145th annual race and has been labelled as the most attended race for so many years. 

2. Belmont Park - 

Belmont Stakes is held in Elmont, New York on a Saturday in June with a 1.5-mile length for the runners of the Triple Crown as its third and last leg. It is also called as the Run for the Carnations or the Test of Champions with a $1.5 M on the bag for the reigning winner. Belmont Stakes was inaugurated in 1867 which surprised the industry with a skyrocketing 21.9 million TV audience in 2004 and up until now ranked with the highest viewing rate since 1977. 

3. Pimlico Race Course - 

This course on dirt is a Run for the Black Eyed Susans, home of the Preakness Stakes race in Baltimore, Maryland. This 1 3/16 mile long race happens every 3rd Saturday of May annually and has been the second highest attended race since 1873 bagging a $1.5 million prize. 

4. Breeder's World Championship Cup - 

This championship race in Canada is for Grade 1 thoroughbred races with age, weight, distance, surfacing varying of each year since 1984. This is a compilation of 13 races with 12 races of 14 starters and the other one with 12 starters. Historically, United States has been up on track with 232 since Belmont started wherein 2012, the oldest 9-year-old horse won against the young breeds. Price bag varies from $1M to $6M.

5. Gulfstream Park 

This dirt track located in Hallandale Beach, Florida is the stepping ground of the world's richest race--The Pegasus World Cup now upgraded as The Pegasus World Championship Series with an additional Turf race. This place just inaugurated recently in 2017 with a 1 1/8 mile long race for Grade 1 4-year olds sprinting away for the $12M bag now raised to $16M. 

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