Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Flat Returns !!

The blog returns after short break for the start of the flat turf season ,though there appears little improvement in the weather with Doncaster already calling inspection for Friday & Saturday .

The ground conditions at Doncaster are likely to be bottomless ,with Saturday's Lincoln card in doubt with plenty more rain & snow forecast .Hopefully the weather will show some improvement in April.

After slow start to the year for the blog ,hopefully we can have change of fortune now the turf is finally here .The racing on the All Weather has been very poor this winter the worst I can remember since blog started back in 2010 .

The claiming races in particular have been complete waste of time, with nearly every race having four or less runners .At least on the turf we should have some suitable betting opportunities ,over the next few weeks .


  1. Hi Jerry,

    Hope all is well. You've been a little quiet of late.

    Always here if needed.


  2. Hi Jason

    Yeah everything is fine thanks,decided to take short break before the turf gets under way properly.Hopefully will be back in action on regular basis this week or next week .


  3. Yes, it is quite until May so good idea to take a breather. Looking forward to a good year.

    Best wishes,