Thursday, February 28, 2013

Changes to the blog

From Friday 1st March there will be few changes to the blog .With the claiming bets having completely dried up this year the blog has become rather redundant .With this in mind I will now be introducing my trading flat bets  ,which should add bit more interest to the blog .

These bets have always made me consistent profits over last few years and I will now be posting all these bets on the blog .

For the purpose of the blog I have have few guide lines that I will be following :

Starting with £1000/ 20 points betting bank:
Staking will be £50 per trade / £30 profit on each winning trade :
All trades will be in races with 7 or less runners :
Maximum 4 trades per day :

Will give more details on Friday from around midday .


  1. Good luck with the new direction for the blog although i accept you have been doing this anyway. it will be interesting to follow and maybe learn a few tips and tricks about your trading,
    Thanks for all your efforts so far, it's one blog I have really enjoyed reading

  2. Thanks Chrismac ,Appreciate the kind words .

    I will be posting every day from tomorrow .Hopefully these trading bets will be profitable addition to the blog.


  3. Hi Jerry,

    Really looking forward to your new trading angle, it sounds a good read and sure it will be well received. I will give you a good plug on Twitter.

    Always here if needed. Just say the word and I'll do my best for you.

    Kind regards,

  4. Thanks Jason

    Yeah should make the blog a lot more interesting read ,and hopefully make few quid for anyone following the trades.