Thursday, April 28, 2011

Staking strategy !!!

Interesting article on staking strategy the way forward by Peter Sackville.To my knowledge most serious gamblers use a point based system or like myself level stakes.After reading this article its got me thinking which is the best staking strategy?? 

There are many reasons why only 2% of people betting on horse racing tomorrow will actually make a profit. Only 2% are blessed with real information and most others are second guessing the outcome. There is one common reason however why even accomplished bettors can lose over the period of one betting year however, and it can be to do with something as simple as staking!

People from all walks of life use various means, methods and systems to bet on horse racing. Many have good days, more have bad days and that actually is how it can go for even the most hardened professional on occasions.

The one single thing that almost every professional gambler will have in place and be using religiously is a controlled, planned and business like staking plan.

Unfortunately so many of the consistent losing punters betting on horse racing tomorrow, next week or next year have one thing in common. Many just do not spend enough time or effort learning one of the most crucial aspects of betting - controlling their finances!

Strike rates matter, especially if most of your winners come from the low to mid odds category. In fact if is fair to say strike rates always matter. You have to be picking horses with prices that actually win more often than the price! Which is one of the hardest things to do.

A Great Staking Plan Can Sky Rocket Your Betting Bank and Help to Protect it!

If you are using a traditional level stakes betting plan, then you had better hope long term that you are seriously good at choosing your selections or you are privileged to inside information. The fact is that betting one point here and one point there gets you somewhere slowly if you pick winners.

But what if you started using a cumulative staking plan that could increase your profits made by 100's of %? And help protect you bank during a 'winter' of losses!

There can only be one

The staking plan that you must always use is the 5% Cumulative Sliding Stake Plan. It is very straight forward to adopt and anyone unable to work out the maths really should not be betting in the first place!

You simply always, without fail stake 5% of your betting bank on a selection. Either 5 to win or 2.5% each way. There is no room here to show quite how effective it can be, but this plan helps to protect you when you lose as you reduce your next stake accordingly.

On the other hand with a run of quick winners you can treble your bank within weeks, as the amplification of the increased stakes starts to take effect.You do not have to bet 5% if you want more security you could choose 3 for example. The golden rule is that you have to stick with this rigidly, at all times, during all bets. Five however is very easy to work out, as only half of ten a four year should be able to do the maths

To make more money long term when betting on horse racing tomorrow ,start playing the game like a pro and instigate the only staking plan that you will ever need.If you are good at picking winners but have yet to make it pay ,practice this on a paper account and see how you get on.


  1. Jerry,

    Very good points you make for this staking plan. A few points to think of. I knew a gentleman who used and marketed this version of the 5% plan.

    You start at 5% of your betting bank and on a winner you increase your staking 1/2% to 5 1/2, as an example..on a losing bet you reduce the staking 1/4%. 2% minimum and a 8% maximum.

    He felt this method was the best way to deal with the inevitable streaks in racing as your bank will be protected during a bad run and expanded during a hot streak. He proved that this method is much more effective then the 5% method of staking.

    Jerry I have seen some real powerful runs with this betting plan that really proved hugely profitable when in comparison with other staking methods.

    Give this a thought and see how you feel.

    One point the author stressed was that this method was geared to 33% winners which is right in your zone. And if you break even on a wager or a slight loss you stay with the same %.

    Good luck


  2. Jake sounds very interesting staking method

    To my knowledge Most serious gamblers in UK use either a points based system on how strong there selection are or like myself use level stakes method.

    This article has had me thinking for days ,if this staking method would be be the way forward ,I'm sure it would be more profitable than the staking method i'm using ??


  3. Jerry,

    Like I said I have run numerous tabulations and simulations with fictional wagers and the wagering plan is so powerful when in a winning run, yet protects the bank better then any other method.He states that you will no longer waste those big winning streaks or the longer priced winners that you come up with.

    My position at this point is that I am tring to eliminate as many variables as I possibly can in my wagering I will stay with the points system adding and reducing as I see fit. I will make adjustments when needed.


  4. Hi Gents

    A fascinating discussion.

    I particularly like the staking plan that Jake puts forward, but as he says the strike rate of the bets must be taken into consideration.

    I think for low odds high strike rate selections Jakes staking plan definitely has its merits.

    Thanks for posting up the original article Jerry and thanks both for continuing the discussions regarding your staking ideas, plenty of food for thought.


  5. some people say martingale horse racing staking plan is not good. is it true ?