Friday, March 04, 2011

Another quiet weekend !!!

Not great deal happening over the next few days, after going through both All Weather cards on Friday there are no possible bets at either meeting.

Field sizes has been problem  all winter long on the All Weather ,and again on Friday we have five non handicap races, with no race having more than seven runners, in fact Wolverhampton have three races with four or less runners.Very disappointing !!

 Saturday & Sunday we have no All Weather flat racing ,so its going be another quiet few days , with no possible bets till Monday !!

On a positive note it has been another winning week ,one bet and one winner ,with Sharp Shoes winning on Wednesday at 11-4 in selling stakes, making this the 5TH winning week this year from eight weeks.


  1. Hi Jerry

    I really do admire your discipline.

    Most punters would have given in to the need for action and loosened their criteria, just a little bit, so as to find a bet, especially after another winner.

    Not you though my friend, your professionalism and patience is a lesson to us all.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Mark

    I guess I'm very different from most punters and I am prepared to wait long periods for good betting opportunity.

    Betting in only non handicap flat races, does require a lot of patience and discipline as there are very few betting opportunities each day,though these races have been very profitable for me in past.


  3. Well one things for sure Jerry, You have got my attention now and I am prepared to wait as long as it takes for the next selection.