Sunday, January 02, 2011

My betting methods !!

Just little information how I operate from day to day,I concentrate on non handicap flat races which consists of (CLAIMERS) (SELLING STAKES) (GROUP RACES) (LISTED RACES) (MAIDEN STAKES) (CONDITION RACES) (NOVICE STAKES) On average this would be 3 to 4 bets per week though there would be less bets in winter months

My starting betting bank in FEBRUARY 2010 was 100 points it increased to 146 points at the start of JANUARY 2011. all bets are level stake bets of 1 point each-way .this will not change till my betting bank reaches 200 points, then the bets would increase by 50 % .All my bets are normally posted just after midnight with price updates at around 11.00 am the next morning..

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  1. Jerry,

    Spoken as a true professional. I look forward to viewing your fine blog on a daily basis.Best of luck my friend.