Monday, November 08, 2010

Strange day at Wolverhampton !!

Mondays each-way double bet both finished placed 2ND &3RD ( LOSS -£40.00 / 0.40 PTS) though that didn't tell the whole story the first leg of double BILKO PAK was heavily backed 8-11 into 8-13 and travelled well in third place and looked the likely winner when leading at furlong pole though clearly didn't stay 7 furlongs finding very little inside final 50yds and got caught near finish by MY LORD.

The second leg of the double MISS KINGWOOD was big gamble 2-1 into 10-11,though ran very very strange race ,everything seemed fine to start with when leading for first half mile, though all of sudden started to hang badly right on the bends and Jockey Hayley Turner had an impossible job steering the horse and was losing so much ground going wide on bends ,though once in straight ran on well again and did manage to finish third.

In the end quite happy to come out only losing £40.00 / 0.40 PTS on a day where not much went right.Hopefully things will improve over all weather season.

Tuesday we have no all weather flat racing in UK, so tomorrow will be blank day.

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