Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summary of weeks bets !!

Excellent day on Saturday with both CASAMENTO & TALENTI both winning at 3-1 & 4-1 for £415 profit.CASMENTO was heavily supported in market 3-1 into 2-1 in feature race Racing post trophy, and landed some big bets in good style, looks very decent prospect for next season.

The second bet was TALENTI in 1 mile 4 furlong claiming stakes at Kempton's evening card and was given great ride by Dane O' Neil .TALENTI never looked like winning this race,after getting badly outpaced with 4 furlongs to run ,though is such battler and stays really well, and started to pick up with 2 furlongs to run and passed 5 horses inside final furlong  and got up right on line to win by short head.

Overall its been very good week with 5 BETS 3 WINNERS 1 SECOND 1 FORTH + £500 PROFIT / 5.00 PTS.only slight disappointment recently, has been the staking with most of the bigger bets losing and smaller bets winning ,very annoying and will have to review the situation if this continues.

5 BETS ) 3 WINNERS )PROFIT £500.00 / 5.00PTS

15 BETS) 5 WINNERS)PROFIT £5.00 / 0.05PTS

284 BETS) 83 WINNERS) PROFIT £5297 / 52.97PTS


  1. Greetings Jerry,

    Yes it is unforunate the we don't have the control of the sequences (the smaller priced selections winning and the longer priced out of the frame). The bottom line is that you accomplished another week firmly in the black...bottom line profit is all that matters and the winning sequences will take care of itself.

    Goog luck and keep winning my friend.


  2. Thanks Jake, appreciate the kind words.

    Totally agree, its impossible to know what sequences will happen,though I do feel I have made mistakes with my staking this year.

    I have been thinking for few weeks now of reverting back to level stake bets.I would of had far bigger profits this year.


  3. Interesting point Jerry,

    I have always held the 5% racheted staking plan as a powerful medium for taking advantage of winning runs and forcing the necessity of wagering only with an advantage.

    I will most likely use this format for the beginning of the year with a larger betting bank.