Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday its more rain!!

The weather continues to play havoc with the racing ,its seems we have had non stop rain for days ,all three courses Warwick,Windsor & Pontefract face early morning inspections ,with more rain forecast the ground is going too be like bog.Just not worth getting involved when conditions get this bad.

October looks like being very difficult month,if this rain continues to fall day after day. When the conditions get this bad its very difficult to find any decent value bets ,just got stay very disciplined and wait for right opportunities too come along.


  1. Jerry,

    I fully understand your situation with the rain soaked courses. The conditions really put your discipline to the test to avoid any guilty throw-away wagers.

    In New York , and the east coast we are experiencing rainy conditions again for the next three days. I will pick my spots very carefully.

    Best of luck.


  2. Thanks Jake

    October is always difficult month here in UK,field sizes are lot bigger ,with the flat turf season coming to end (5 weeks left)

    with conditions this bad its makes it so difficult to find good bets, with so many more long shots winning.

    Just have to stay very patient