Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking time out

Very enjoyable two days at York ,a great racecourse and fantastic city to visit.

The betting part was not very successful, in fact I didn't have any winners from 6 bets in two days and suffered quite big losses over the two days, and decided its time to take  break from all betting till the start of September.

After having an excellent run in March ,April & June the profits have started dwindle away over the past seven weeks and  in particular  July being big losing month.

I am disappointed with the way things gone over last seven weeks the results haven't shown any improvement in August,just can't seem to get any momentum going the odd winning day seems to be followed by two or three losing days.

It seems good time to take little break from the racing and to try and come back a lot fresher in for last two months of flat season.


  1. Jerry,

    Good luck with your's the smart way to go when involved with a bad streak.


  2. Thanks JM ,appreciate the comment

    I'm certain that regular breaks from betting are essential.

    With the volume of racing we have now in UK, I'm quite sure that keeping mentally fresh is a big help -sit and do this seven days per week,52 weeks of the year and you go crazy.

    I feel that most losing punters go on losing because they never stop to actually think about what they are doing wrong.


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