Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup bets, day six

World cup day six first game up see's CHILE V HONDURAS on paper Chile look the stronger team though don't make much appeal at 8-11 and not easy to predict the correct score in this game no bet game for me

SPAIN V SWITZERLAND should be easy win for Spain who have looked good in there warm up matches though Switzerland don't often concede many and it may take Spain a while before they break them down.Spain are best price 1-3 ,I will be playing the correct score in this game.

SOUTH AFRICA V URUGUAY looks tricky match both drew there first match.South Africa were very fortunate to gain 1-1 draw against Mexico .Uruguay held on with 10 men for 0-0 draw against France,will not be surprised if this finishes up a draw as well ,though no bet game for me.

(2-0) 1PT AT 5-1
(3-0) 1PT AT 17-2

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  1. Incredible result with Spain losing(still in shock)been difficult few days with World Cup bets.