Thursday, January 03, 2019

When It Pays To Gamble

All too often, gambling is viewed as an offensive word. ''Don't gamble!'' There are many good reasons not to gamble. The first one being for ''fun''. Or, even worse, for the ''buzz''. Both ideas are in my humble opinion ridiculous. 

Where's the fun in losing money?  

Sadly, that's all you will be doing unless you have something to say the opposite. Life is a gamble. Crossing the road can be a life and death decision. Imagine a bookmaker chalking-up the prices of every move you make. What are the odds you will gain a degree? Get married? Have children? Die at an early age? It's no different than insurance companies. A gamble is a gamble, hey. 

So why should you gamble? The answer is obvious! Because you are better than others. The question then leads to ''How Do You Beat The Opposition?'' You invest time to increase your knowledge. How is that possible? You stick to your niche. No one knows everything. In gambling, knowing something well is as good as knowing everything. How come? Because you just bet more on the subject matter you know.  When you are ready to bet, do so with reputable bookmakers such as   

My specialist knowledge is within two-year-old horse racing. I'm not blowing my own trumpet - just being honest - but unless you are exceptional you don't know as much about this niche as I do. In fact, over a year of betting, I would win more money that the majority of people who bet on two-year-old horses. It's like you trying to pass a degree in Psychology without reading a book. You flicked through a couple of chapters but gave up because you couldn't be bothered to find the answers to the questions.  

''Your knowledge is as thin as a cheese cracker and it doesn't matter how expensive the Stilton you put on top!''

My years of learning have proven to me that there is no easy answer. No cheats, hacks, systems... Even if they do exist (however simply) the time and effort to understand this information are likely to be immense. Unless someone gets very lucky. However, the whole notion of luck is not a sound foundation to build any knowledge. 

Here are my top pointers to make your betting pay:

1) Pick a niche.

2) Don't bet - learn 

3) Understand the basic

4) Then find data that the majority will not know (do your own research)

5) Test your knowledge by paper trailing

6) Bet small - build your bank

7) When you find a winning angle bet more

8) Make minor adjustment - do not attempt to make huge steps

9) Consolidate your knowledge

10) Keep your info to yourself  

Bookmakers and layers run their gambling ventures as a business. That is exactly how you as a gambler should bet. 

Written by Jason Coote

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